Embedded Application Software References


Bewatec Multimedia Terminal for Patients

At the Medica trade fair held in November 2009, Bewatec, one of the leading providers of patient-oriented LCD TV solutions in Europe, unveiled to visitors the multi-function Medinet LCD TV15 terminal with great success.

The patient terminal offers TV and radio reception, CD/DVD playback, the option of using added-value services such as games, shopping, video on demand, telephony, Internet access and an interface to the building automation and patient billing system.

The Bewatec designers created an extremely flexible system for it, the visual appearance of which can be customized before delivery and which can also be enhanced with individual software functions.

For this reason, Bewatec chose Berlinux - not just in view of its experience in the implementation of IP-based entertainment products in its role as software development cooperation partner, but also because Disko simplifies the development of sophisticated modular software while at the same time ensuring superlative quality.

As a result, the software for the Medinet LCD TV15 was completed in just few months thanks to the use of Disko as the application framework.

In the Medinet LCD 15TV used technologies:

  • – TV (analog, cable, dvb-t, dvb-c, ip)
  • – Radio (fm, internet streaming)
  • – DVD, CD and mp3 playback
  • – Web browser (Mozilla Firefox)
  • – Multilanguage
  • – SIP User Agent / VoIP
  • – Touch Screen, foil keyboard and remote control support
  • – facility management interface
  • – Smart card


BF527 Doorbell Application 

IP Doorbell is a VOIP-based outdoor doorbell that can be run on SIP-based telephone systems (PBX).

The application was developed to demonstrate the potential of the Disko UI framework for the Arrow® BF527 development kit/display kit, but can also be compiled for other platforms. It is relatively easy to use the software base for developing a commercially viable product.

The IP doorbell is licensed under GPL and is available as a free download.