Embedded Application Software Overview

Software is the Key for your Product's Success

The success of a product with an embedded system largely depends on the quality of the software interface presented as well as on the implementation quality of features. The expenses paid for developing the software may therefore account for up to 60% of the total expenditure for the product development which, above all, has to do with the increasing complexity of the products and the increased demands placed on the graphic and input features. The software is a major if not the only distinguishing feature between competing products, and should therefore be at the centre of the development process from an early stage.

Full Consultancy while designing the Product

Flawless integration of sensors, consoles and other peripherals of your hardware in the control concept of your application software is, along with graphic design, the main criterion for the success of a product on the market. BerLinux creates mockups to verify your ideas, which you can adjust or reconfigure yourself, by editing XML description files. Through close collaboration with graphic designers and designers, we are pleased to be able to offer you advice on the icon, background and widget design as well as their GUI development; we can also assume full responsibility for design and GUI development on request.

The specification of the application software must already have been completed by the time hardware development begins. Only in this way can an optimal selection of the efficiency of hardware components for cost-sensitive products be ensured without having to forgo a flexible UI or long battery life. For this reason, BerLinux offers you support during this phase of product development by carrying out benchmark tests and resource estimates to guarantee low costs and sound performance of the product from the outset.

Contract Development Services

We offer you the possibility of porting pre-existing software to an Embedded Linux Disko application, or porting from Disko to a new CPU architecture, including platform-specific hardware acceleration, optimization and system start time optimization. Disko's plugin concept allows external/ 3rd party software components to be integrated flawlessly. BerLinux develops customized plugins and is also there to help you develop your own plugins. Apart from embedded software development, we also provide solutions for managing your embedded systems, such as updates, configuration, usage data based on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix, for example.

Complete Life Cycle Support

If requested, BerLinux will support your software after its development, and will provide security updates, bug features as well as 3rd level support for your technicians.