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What is Disko?

Free UI Framework

Disko is an LGPL-licensed user interface (UI) application framework for the fast and simple development of flexible applications on Embedded Linux systems – with a particular focus on interactive user interfaces. It is high-performance and easy to learn, and due to its architecture is well suited to creating complex applications. Disko is a product of BerLinux Solutions GmbH.

Wide Application Range

The increasing development of more efficient and cost-effective CPUs opens up new opportunities in the implementation of more multi-functional, user- friendly and high-quality user interfaces, even for products outside of the end-user market.


Disko's innovative concept makes it flexible to expand, and has already demonstrated its reliability and stability in the field. Disko is constantly being enhanced, and also benefits from the input of other open-source programmers. For further informations take a look on our Roadmap.


BerLinux Solutions GmbH offers its customers contract development and extensive support for the Disko framework, and is on hand to assist with product development.

News 10 February 2010

BerLinux is now Arrow® EPC partner

Arrow and BerLinux have arranged cooperation in the context of the EPC program concerning the development of application software in the field of embedded devices.

Application software for embedded devices becomes increasingly complex and the demands on the UI design rise, therefore an integrated treatment of hardware and software at an early stage will be the precondition for a successful product development.

BerLinux on the Embedded World 2010

Meet us at the “Embedded World” in Nürnberg, March 2nd-4th. You’ll find us at the Arrow stand in fair hall 12. For appointments please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


News 13 October 2009

Eagerly awaited finally here: Disko v1.6

Disko 1.6 beta is now released and comes along with a really massive amount of enhancements regarding various areas. With this release Disko possesses an own superb rendering engine.

Sample Image This engine qualifies Disko, among other, for native X11 support and Linux framebuffer support.

Furthermore Disko 1.6 adds Flash support via the swfdec library, SIP support via pjsip and minisip, and GStreamer support to add an alternative the xine library and to add the TI Codecs supplied for the DSP.

Last but not least we did some porting, which involves, besides the ports to OMAP and TI DaVinci the more

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