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What is Disko?

Free UI Framework

Disko is an LGPL-licensed user interface (UI) application framework for the fast and simple development of flexible applications on Embedded Linux systems – with a particular focus on interactive user interfaces. It is high-performance and easy to learn, and due to its architecture is well suited to creating complex applications. Disko is a product of BerLinux Solutions GmbH.

Wide Application Range

The increasing development of more efficient and cost-effective CPUs opens up new opportunities in the implementation of more multi-functional, user- friendly and high-quality user interfaces, even for products outside of the end-user market.


Disko's innovative concept makes it flexible to expand, and has already demonstrated its reliability and stability in the field. Disko is constantly being enhanced, and also benefits from the input of other open-source programmers. For further informations take a look on our Roadmap.


BerLinux Solutions GmbH offers its customers contract development and extensive support for the Disko framework, and is on hand to assist with product development.

Latest News 24 May 2011

Disko 1.8 stable release

We are happy to announce the availability of the new stable version v1.8.

It's done, the new version v1.8 can now finally be stably published. In addition to the new OpenGL/OpenGL ES 2.0 support, we have carried out many other improvements, which has led to a significant increase in performance.
A list of all changes can be found here - Ubuntu and Debian packages are located in the download area.

This month we have started on the first experiments for the creation of Stereoscopic 3D GUIs with Disko. A video of the first results can be found here. We will report on any progress made on our Twitter page and we of course welcome all suggestions about this subject.


News 29 December 2010

Better performance for the New Year!

We finish this year with OpenGL ES 2.0 support for Disko and we wish all Disko users a Happy New Year!

As promised before, we did implement OpenGL ES 2.0 / EGL support and the tests of disko-demos on an OMAP3530 board were successful. Our demo video demonstrates the possibility of the new backend. Currently you have to use the FBDEV backend with the new outputtype "ogl".

Finally we are very satisfied with the year 2010. We implemented new backends, optimized Disko and further companies decided to use our framework in their products. We are confident that the next year will be as successful as the last year. We wish all of you a Happy New Year and continued success with Disko.


News 09 September 2010

New Hardware rendering features

Disko offers basic OpenGL/GLX support and extends the X11 backend with XV scaling and compositing through compiz.

We have added basic OpenGL/GLX support to Disko and have successfully tested the Disko demos with an NVidia graphics card and the proprietary drivers. Currently you have to use the X11 backend with the new outputtype "ogl". Now we are going to implement OpenGL ES 2.0 as well.

Additionally you can now use XV for video playback which enables full hardware supported video scaling.
Alpha blending between graphics and video layer is done by using Compiz and the XRender extension. For more information you can read our announcement mail.

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