News 13 October 2009

Eagerly awaited finally here: Disko v1.6

Disko 1.6 beta is now released and comes along with a really massive amount of enhancements regarding various areas. With this release Disko possesses an own superb rendering engine.

Sample Image This engine qualifies Disko, among other, for native X11 support and Linux framebuffer support.

Furthermore Disko 1.6 adds Flash support via the swfdec library, SIP support via pjsip and minisip, and GStreamer support to add an alternative the xine library and to add the TI Codecs supplied for the DSP.

Last but not least we did some porting, which involves, besides the ports to OMAP and TI DaVinci the more


Successful port to Blackfin

We ported Disko to the Blackfin ADSP-BF527 by Analog Devices in the course of a cooperation with Arrow. In the related project we developed a Disko-based door-bell-application

Disko 1.6 licenced under LGPL

As announced, Disko 1.6 is LGPL licenced, contrary to previous releases. We plan to stick with this solution (LGPL) for the following releases.