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Errors in mmsfbsurface.cpp

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Errors in mmsfbsurface.cpp 8 Years ago  

today I downloaded the actual version of disko from the git repository. Since there are the same errors I already got at version 1.6.0, I thought, I'll better post them... ;o)

The file in question is mmsfbsurface.cpp:
at line 4150: change DFB_RECTANGLE_VALS(&srcr) to DFB_RECTANGLE_VALS(&src)
and at lines 1125 and 1463: change ...surface_buffer->w and ...surface_buffer->h to ...surface_buffer->sbw and ...surface_buffer->sbh

In function printMissingCombination you have to check, whether source is not NULL before accessing it on line 1753. Otherwise you get Segmentation faults...

Kind regards
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Errors in mmsfbsurface.cpp

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Re:Errors in mmsfbsurface.cpp 8 Years ago  
Hey judith,

thanks again. It's fixed in the HEAD of the git-repository.

Best regards,
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