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Re:textbox setcolor not working

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textbox setcolor not working 7 Years, 1 Month ago  
I tried to set the color for a TextBoxWidget:

MMSFBColor c; c.r = 255; c.g = 0; c.b = 0; c.a = 128; txt_foo->setColor(c);
Nothing happens, text stays white. Same with label widget works. Kind regards Thomas
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Re:textbox setcolor not working

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Re:textbox setcolor not working 7 Years ago  
Hi Thomas,

you probably have only the textbox widget or at least it's the first
widget defined. Then it is automatically selected, because it is able
to receive user inputs for scrolling its content.
This is why you have to use setSelColor() in this case.
Labels cannot be selected, so setColor() works for them.

Best regards,
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