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Re:Failed to load libtv.so

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Failed to load libtv.so 9 Years, 9 Months ago  
Hi, all,

I encountered a lib load failure when running morphine.tv on an ARM-based STB. The following are the logs :

00:00:22:59 Core: Core startup... [src/main.cpp:101]

00:00:22:59 Core: ConfigDB: /appfs/share/morphine.tv/db/mmsconfigdb () [src/main.cpp:102]

00:00:22:61 Core: DataDB: /appfs/share/morphine.tv/db/mmsdatadb () [src/main.cpp:103]

00:00:22:62 Core: Logfile: /appfs/share/morphine.tv/logs/logfile [src/main.cpp:104]

00:00:22:64 Core: First plugin: [src/main.cpp:105]

00:00:22:65 Core: Input map: default [src/main.cpp:106]

00:00:22:66 Core: Prefix: /appfs [src/main.cpp:107]

00:00:22:68 Core: Theme: default [src/main.cpp:108]

00:00:22:69 Core: Resolution: 800x600 [src/main.cpp:109]

00:00:22:71 Core: Output type: vesafb [src/main.cpp:110]

00:00:22:72 Core: Video layer id: 0 [src/main.cpp:111]

00:00:22:73 Core: Video layer pixelformat: ARGB [src/main.cpp:112]

00:00:22:75 Core: Video layer options: [src/main.cpp:113]

00:00:22:76 Core: Video layer buffermode: BACKSYSTEM [src/main.cpp:114]

00:00:22:78 Core: Graphics layer id: 0 [src/main.cpp:115]

00:00:22:79 Core: Graphics layer pixelformat: ARGB [src/main.cpp:116]

00:00:22:80 Core: Graphics layer options: [src/main.cpp:117]

00:00:22:82 Core: Graphics layer buffermode: BACKSYSTEM [src/main.cpp:118]

00:00:22:83 Core: Visible screen area: 0,0,800,600 [src/main.cpp:119]

00:00:22:85 Core: Log to stdout: no [src/main.cpp:123]

00:00:22:86 Core: Input Interval: 0 ms [src/main.cpp:124]

00:00:22:88 Core: Call shutdown command: no [src/main.cpp:128]

00:00:22:89 Core: Shutdown command: [src/main.cpp:129]

00:00:22:90 Core: Touch pad/screen area: 0,0,0,0 [src/main.cpp:131]

00:00:22:92 Core: Show mouse pointer: no [src/main.cpp:136]

00:00:22:93 Core: Graphics window pixelformat: ARGB [src/main.cpp:138]

00:00:22:95 Core: Graphics surface pixelformat: ARGB [src/main.cpp:139]

00:00:22:96 Core: Extended acceleration: yes [src/main.cpp:142]

00:00:22:98 Core: initialize frame buffer [src/main.cpp:146]

00:00:22:99 MMSGUI: init mmsfb [mmsfbmanager.cpp:65]

00:00:23:90 MMSGUI: get video layer [mmsfbmanager.cpp:69]

00:00:23:92 MMSGUI: video layer and graphics layer are the same [mmsfbmanager.cpp:74]

00:00:23:94 MMSGUI: configure graphics layer [mmsfbmanager.cpp:110]

00:00:23:95 MMSGUI: set exclusive access [mmsfbmanager.cpp:112]

00:00:24:03 MMSGUI: Layer properties: [fb/mmsfblayer.cpp:109]

00:00:24:05 MMSGUI: size: 800x600 [fb/mmsfblayer.cpp:110]

00:00:24:06 MMSGUI: pixelformat: ARGB [fb/mmsfblayer.cpp:112]

00:00:24:08 MMSGUI: buffermode: BACKSYSTEM [fb/mmsfblayer.cpp:115]

00:00:24:09 MMSGUI: options: NONE [fb/mmsfblayer.cpp:122]

00:00:24:11 MMSGUI: MMSFBWindowManager: get layer surface [fb/mmsfbwindowmanager.cpp:92]

00:00:24:12 MMSGUI: Surface properties: [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:346]

00:00:24:14 MMSGUI: size: 800x600 [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:348]

00:00:24:15 MMSGUI: pixelformat: ARGB,ALPHACHANNEL [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:351]

00:00:24:17 MMSGUI: capabilities: [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:355]

00:00:24:18 MMSGUI: VIDEOONLY [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:362]

00:00:24:20 MMSGUI: DOUBLE [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:364]

00:00:24:32 MMSGUI: creating temporary surface: 800x600 ,ARGB [mmsfbmanager.cpp:182]

00:00:24:34 MMSFBSURFACEMANAGER: createTemporarySurface with Pixelformat ARGB.


00:00:24:35 MMSFB: createSurface Pixelformat ARGB.


00:00:24:37 MMSFBSURFACEMANAGER: createSurface with Pixelformat ARGB.


00:00:24:38 MMSGUI: createSurface 800x600 PixelFormat : ARGB Capabilities : 4098 [fb/mmsfbsurfacemanager.cpp:103]

00:00:24:40 MMSGUI: Surface properties: [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:346]

00:00:24:41 MMSGUI: size: 800x600 [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:348]

00:00:24:43 MMSGUI: pixelformat: ARGB,ALPHACHANNEL [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:351]

00:00:24:44 MMSGUI: capabilities: [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:355]

00:00:24:46 MMSGUI: SYSTEMONLY [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:360]

00:00:24:47 MMSGUI: PREMULTIPLIED [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:368]

00:00:24:49 MMSGUI: Allocated surface memory: 1920000 Byte [fb/mmsfbsurfacemanager.cpp:125]

00:00:24:50 Core: starting theme manager [src/main.cpp:150]

00:00:24:62 Core: starting window manager [src/main.cpp:153]

00:00:24:62 Core: creating background window [src/main.cpp:161]

00:00:24:64 MMSGUI: get the grapics layer [mmswindow.cpp:173]

00:00:24:65 MMSGUI: got flags: [mmswindow.cpp:184]

00:00:24:67 MMSGUI: MMSW_NONE [mmswindow.cpp:192]

00:00:24:68 MMSFBLAYER: createSurface( 8x1, , single buffer )


00:00:24:70 MMSFBLAYER: firsttime_createsurface with Pixelformat ARGB.


00:00:24:71 MMSFB: createSurface Pixelformat ARGB.


00:00:24:73 MMSFBSURFACEMANAGER: createSurface with Pixelformat ARGB.


00:00:24:74 MMSGUI: createSurface 8x1 PixelFormat : ARGB Capabilities : 4098 [fb/mmsfbsurfacemanager.cpp:103]

00:00:24:76 MMSGUI: Surface properties: [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:346]

00:00:24:77 MMSGUI: size: 8x1 [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:348]

00:00:24:79 MMSGUI: pixelformat: ARGB,ALPHACHANNEL [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:351]

00:00:24:80 MMSGUI: capabilities: [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:355]

00:00:24:82 MMSGUI: SYSTEMONLY [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:360]

00:00:24:83 MMSGUI: PREMULTIPLIED [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:368]

00:00:24:85 MMSGUI: Allocated surface memory: 1920032 Byte [fb/mmsfbsurfacemanager.cpp:125]

00:00:25:58 MMSIMAGEMANAGER: getImage with Pixelformat ARGB.


00:00:25:60 MMSFBLAYER: createSurface( 800x600, ARGB, single buffer )


00:00:25:61 MMSFB: createSurface Pixelformat ARGB.


00:00:25:62 MMSFBSURFACEMANAGER: createSurface with Pixelformat ARGB.


00:00:25:64 MMSGUI: createSurface 800x600 PixelFormat : ARGB Capabilities : 4098 [fb/mmsfbsurfacemanager.cpp:103]

00:00:25:65 MMSGUI: Surface properties: [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:346]

00:00:25:67 MMSGUI: size: 800x600 [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:348]

00:00:25:68 MMSGUI: pixelformat: ARGB,ALPHACHANNEL [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:351]

00:00:25:70 MMSGUI: capabilities: [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:355]

00:00:25:71 MMSGUI: SYSTEMONLY [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:360]

00:00:25:73 MMSGUI: PREMULTIPLIED [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:368]

00:00:25:74 MMSGUI: Allocated surface memory: 3840032 Byte [fb/mmsfbsurfacemanager.cpp:125]

00:00:25:78 MMSGUI: ImageManager has loaded: '/appfs/share/morphine.tv//themes/default/defbg.png' [mmsimagemanager.cpp:456]

00:00:25:80 MMSGUI: got screen 800x600 [mmswindow.cpp:269]

00:00:25:81 MMSGUI: use screen area 0, 0, 800, 600 [mmswindow.cpp:280]

00:00:25:83 MMSGUI: creating window (0,0,800,600) with pixelformat ARGB (use alpha) [mmswindow.cpp:447]

00:00:25:85 MMSFBLAYER: createWindow with Pixelformat ARGB.


00:00:25:86 MMSFB: createSurface Pixelformat ARGB.


00:00:25:88 MMSFBSURFACEMANAGER: createSurface with Pixelformat ARGB.


00:00:25:89 MMSGUI: createSurface 800x600 PixelFormat : ARGB Capabilities : 4114 [fb/mmsfbsurfacemanager.cpp:103]

00:00:25:91 MMSGUI: Surface properties: [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:346]

00:00:25:92 MMSGUI: size: 800x600 [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:348]

00:00:25:94 MMSGUI: pixelformat: ARGB,ALPHACHANNEL [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:351]

00:00:25:95 MMSGUI: capabilities: [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:355]

00:00:25:97 MMSGUI: SYSTEMONLY [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:360]

00:00:25:98 MMSGUI: DOUBLE [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:364]

00:00:26:00 MMSGUI: PREMULTIPLIED [fb/mmsfbsurface.cpp:368]

00:00:26:01 MMSGUI: Allocated surface memory: 7680032 Byte [fb/mmsfbsurfacemanager.cpp:125]

00:00:26:03 Core: creating input manager [src/main.cpp:166]

00:00:26:05 MMSGUI: MMSWindow: setFirstFocus to [mmswindow.cpp:1953]

00:00:26:06 MMSINPUTMANAGER: Ignore mapping set of avermedia node [mmsinputmapper.cpp:376]

00:00:26:08 MMSGUI: MMSWindow: no children to focus for window [mmswindow.cpp:2021]

00:00:26:09 MMSINPUTMANAGER: using mapping set of default node [mmsinputmapper.cpp:358]

00:00:26:11 MMSINPUTMANAGER: Parsing inputmap finished. [mmsinputmapper.cpp:387]

00:00:26:12 Core: add input device [src/main.cpp:170]

00:00:26:14 Core: creating master subscription [src/main.cpp:175]

00:00:26:15 Core: creating PluginManager [src/main.cpp:178]

00:00:26:22 Core: loading Backend Plugins... [src/main.cpp:181]

00:00:26:27 MMSPluginDAO: Found 1 records. [mmsplugindao.cpp:272]

00:00:26:28 MMSPluginDAO: Finish processing. [mmsplugindao.cpp:302]

00:00:26:31 MMSCore: Mixer [mmspluginmanager.cpp:116]

00:00:26:39 Core: loading OSD Plugins... [src/main.cpp:184]

00:00:26:41 MMSCore: getOSDPlugins from service [mmspluginmanager.cpp:60]

00:00:26:42 PLUGINSERVICE: create dao [mmspluginservice.cpp:107]

00:00:26:44 PLUGINSERVICE: create property dao [mmspluginservice.cpp:110]

00:00:26:46 PLUGINSERVICE: get all OSD plugins [mmspluginservice.cpp:113]

00:00:26:48 MMSPluginDAO: Found 1 records. [mmsplugindao.cpp:272]

00:00:26:49 MMSPluginDAO: Finish processing. [mmsplugindao.cpp:302]

00:00:26:51 PLUGINSERVICE: get the properties of: Weather Plugin (6) [mmspluginservice.cpp:119]

00:00:26:52 PLUGINSERVICE: Working with 1 OSD plugins [mmspluginservice.cpp:123]

00:00:26:63 MMSCore: Weather Plugin [mmspluginmanager.cpp:67]

00:00:26:64 Core: loading Central Plugins... [src/main.cpp:187]

00:00:26:66 MMSPluginDAO: Found 5 records. [mmsplugindao.cpp:272]

00:00:26:68 MMSPluginDAO: Finish processing. [mmsplugindao.cpp:302]

00:00:26:69 PLUGINSERVICE: get the properties of the central plugins. [mmspluginservice.cpp:134]

00:00:26:80 Core: Abort due to: shared library /appfs/lib/morphine.tv/tv/libtv.so cannot be loaded: File not found [src/main.cpp:275]

00:00:26:81 MMSGUI: release mmsfb [mmsfbmanager.cpp:103]

But the libtv.so is there :
# ls -al /appfs/lib/morphine.tv/tv/

drwxr-xr-x 2 500 500 4096 Jan 1 00:00 .

drwxr-xr-x 13 500 500 4096 Jan 1 00:00 ..

-rwxr-xr-x 1 500 500 1225605 Jan 1 00:00 libtv.so

Does anyone encounter this kind of problem before?

Best regards,
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Re:Failed to load libtv.so

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Re:Failed to load libtv.so 9 Years, 9 Months ago  
Hi alanz,

we did not have such an error before. What does a file libtv.so say? Maybe there are some dependencies missing or can not be found at runtime. Maybe you should post the ldd output as well.

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Re:Failed to load libtv.so

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Re:Failed to load libtv.so 9 Years, 8 Months ago  
Hi, Stefan,

Thank you very much! I found that there missing :

@+make -C core install
@+make -C cmd install
@+make -C data install // added by alanz
in mms4l/morphine.tv/Makefile if I use "make message=y debug=y install" to build.

So the problem is addressed.

Best regards,
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