Platforms - References

Disko GUI applications has been tested on the following architectures / reference boards.

Arch/CPU Reference Board Specifics
x86 n.a X11, generic Framebuffer or DirectFB
ARM / OMAP3530 DEVKIT8000, Beagleboard Gstreamer backend with Texas Instruments DSPLINK available
OMPADSS2 framebuffer support
ARM / DaVinci OSD2.0 OMAPDSS2 Framebuffer and Direct framebuffer support
Blackfin / BF527 Arrow EPC-PROC01-ADI-BF527 generic framebuffer
ARM / AT91SAM9263 Atmel AT91SAM9263-EK generic framebuffer
MIPS32 / BCM6362 Broadcom BCM6362 generic framebuffer
ARM / LPC3250 NXP LPC3250 generic framebuffer
MIPS32 / STi71xx ST Microelectronics / STi71xx DirectFB