Template Element


With this element you can layout a part of a dialog. This layout has to be stored in the theme file as a special <class> and can then be used within a dialog window.
Please note that templates can only have widgets as childs and not whole windows.




Attribute Domain Default Value Description
name string "" Specifies the name of the template which can be used as root to access widgets within the template.
class string "" Specifies the name of a defined theme class. See <mmstheme>
widget.<name>.<attribute> element and attribute specific element and attribute specific If you use this construct you can set attributes of widgets which are located in the template.


This element can only be used within <mmsdialog>.
If you want to define a template within <mmstheme>, you have to use the <class> element (i.e. <class name="mytemplate" type="template">).
Please see the examples below.


Related elements

<mmsdialog>, <mmstheme>