The MMSGUI functionality includes the management of windows, widgets, themes and dialogs.

Theme Manager

The Theme Manager uses so-called theme files to setup default values for windows and widgets. Theme files will be written in XML. Images and fonts can also be components of a theme.
The root tag for theme files is <mmstheme>.

With theme files you can also build classes of windows and widgets which can be used within dialog files.
To do this you have to use the <class> element which is only valid within <mmstheme>.

For plugin developers it is important to understand where the theme classes are stored, where the plugin can store private classes and how the themes can be switched. These informations can be found here.

Dialog Manager

The Dialog Manager uses so-called dialog files to create windows and widgets dynamically. Dialog files will be written in XML.
The root tag for dialog files is <mmsdialog>.

With dialog files you can easily layout dialog windows for Disko. When you want to show something on the screen we recommend you to use this XML interface to MMSGUI. Because working with dialog files is much easier then building layouts with MMSGUIs C++ API.

Elements for Theme & Dialog Manager

The currently supported elements are described here.


A list of GUI examples you can find here.