mmsguitools.cpp File Reference

#include "mmsgui/mmsguitools.h"
#include <stdlib.h>

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bool getPixelFromSizeHint (int *retpix, string hint, int maxpixel, int secondaxis)
 Translate the size given in hint into pixel value.
bool loadImage (IDirectFBImageProvider **image, string path, string filename)
bool loadFont (MMSFBFont **font, string path, string filename, int width, int height)
unsigned int getFrameNum (unsigned int delay_time)
unsigned int getFrameDelay (unsigned int start_ts, unsigned int end_ts)

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unsigned int getFrameDelay ( unsigned int  start_ts,
unsigned int  end_ts 

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unsigned int getFrameNum ( unsigned int  delay_time  ) 

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bool getPixelFromSizeHint ( int *  retpix,
string  hint,
int  maxpixel,
int  secondaxis 

Translate the size given in hint into pixel value.

retpix return value
hint size with following formats <size>px - size in pixel, example "100px" <size>% - size in percent, example "100%" <size>px-<size2> - size in pixel minus pixel, example "100px-50" <size>-<size2> - size in percent minus pixel, example "100%-50" <factor>$ - factor which will used in conjunction with secondaxis result=<factor>*secondaxis example: "1.333$"
maxpixel maximum pixel for calculation and check
secondaxis size of the second axis, will only used with hint <factor>$
true if input is correct and retpix is filled

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bool loadFont ( MMSFBFont **  font,
string  path,
string  filename,
int  width,
int  height 

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bool loadImage ( IDirectFBImageProvider **  image,
string  path,
string  filename 

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