mmsfb_drawline_argb4444.cpp File Reference

#include "mmsgui/fb/mmsfbconv.h"
#include "mmstools/mmstools.h"

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void mmsfb_drawline_argb4444 (MMSFBSurfacePlanes *dst_planes, int dst_height, MMSFBRegion &clipreg, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, MMSFBColor &color)
 Draw line ARGB4444.

Function Documentation

void mmsfb_drawline_argb4444 ( MMSFBSurfacePlanes dst_planes,
int  dst_height,
MMSFBRegion clipreg,
int  x1,
int  y1,
int  x2,
int  y2,
MMSFBColor color 

Draw line ARGB4444.

Jens Schneider

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