Media playback (mmsmedia)
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Collaboration diagram for Media playback (mmsmedia):
Classes to implement audio and video playback. More...


class  MMSAudioCtrl
 Controls the audio device. More...
class  MMSAV
 MMS Audio/Video handling class. More...
class  MMSCDA
 Handles CDA playback. More...
class  MMSDVD
 Handles DVD playback. More...
class  MMSSound
 Handles any kind of music playback. More...
class  MMSTV
 Handles TV playback. More...
class  MMSVideo
 Handles Video playback. More...
class  MMSVideoCtrl
 Controls the video device. More...


void mmsGstFree ()
 GStreamer input handling.

Detailed Description

Classes to implement audio and video playback.

Function Documentation

void mmsGstFree (  ) 

GStreamer input handling.

Stefan Schwarzer (

Matthias Hardt (

Jens Schneider (

Guido Madaus (

Patrick Helterhoff (

René Bählkow ( freeing any allocated gstreamer memory

Definition at line 494 of file mmsgst.cpp.