Disko Libraries

Collaboration diagram for Disko Libraries:


 Base Libraries (mmsbase)
 Implementation of basic Disko features like plugin and event handling.
 Configuration (mmsconfig)
 Handling of plugin configuration settings.
 Core features (mmscore)
 Basic Disko features on a more abstract level than provided by the Base Libraries.
 Flash support (mmsflash)
 Implementation of flash support.
 Graphical user interface (mmsgui)
 Classes for handling everything GUI related.
 Installation specific settings (mmsinfo)
 Functions to get settings regarding the Disko installation.
 Input handling (mmsinput)
 Input handling classes.
 Media playback (mmsmedia)
 Classes to implement audio and video playback.
 Generic helper classes (mmstools)
 Helpful classes that didn't fit in any category.