MMSFBWindow Class Reference

This class describes a window on a specific layer. More...

#include <mmsfbwindow.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~MMSFBWindow ()
bool getSurface (MMSFBSurface **surface)
bool getConfiguration (MMSFBWindowConfig *config=NULL)
bool isShown ()
bool show ()
bool hide ()
bool getOpacity (unsigned char *opacity)
bool setOpacity (unsigned char opacity)
bool getPosition (int *x, int *y)
bool moveTo (int x, int y, bool move_vrect=false)
bool getSize (int *w, int *h)
bool resize (int w, int h)
bool raiseToTop (int zlevel=0)
bool lowerToBottom ()
bool setVisibleRectangle (MMSFBRectangle *rect=NULL)
bool getVisibleRectangle (MMSFBRectangle *rect)
bool getScreenshot ()

Private Attributes

IDirectFBWindow * dfbwindow
 dfb window if used
MMSFBWindowConfig config

Detailed Description

This class describes a window on a specific layer.

Jens Schneider

Definition at line 53 of file mmsfbwindow.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual MMSFBWindow::~MMSFBWindow (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

bool MMSFBWindow::getSurface ( MMSFBSurface **  surface  ) 

bool MMSFBWindow::getConfiguration ( MMSFBWindowConfig config = NULL  ) 

bool MMSFBWindow::isShown (  ) 

bool MMSFBWindow::show (  ) 

bool MMSFBWindow::hide (  ) 

bool MMSFBWindow::getOpacity ( unsigned char *  opacity  ) 

bool MMSFBWindow::setOpacity ( unsigned char  opacity  ) 

bool MMSFBWindow::getPosition ( int *  x,
int *  y 

bool MMSFBWindow::moveTo ( int  x,
int  y,
bool  move_vrect = false 

bool MMSFBWindow::getSize ( int *  w,
int *  h 

bool MMSFBWindow::resize ( int  w,
int  h 

bool MMSFBWindow::raiseToTop ( int  zlevel = 0  ) 

bool MMSFBWindow::lowerToBottom (  ) 

bool MMSFBWindow::setVisibleRectangle ( MMSFBRectangle rect = NULL  ) 

bool MMSFBWindow::getVisibleRectangle ( MMSFBRectangle rect  ) 

bool MMSFBWindow::getScreenshot (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

IDirectFBWindow* MMSFBWindow::dfbwindow [private]

dfb window if used

Definition at line 57 of file mmsfbwindow.h.

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